The Bayswater Property Group Difference



We at BPG have made it our mission to be the standouts in our profession, for all the right reasons.

Let's be frank. Integrity, partnership, transparency, honesty & trust are not words everyone uses to describe property developers, although this is exactly how our property partners describe us.

Sadly, the common public perception of our industry isn't always positive, and it doesn't always incite feelings of unity and collaboration.


However at BPG, we are anything but common, and we are definitely not what you were expecting from a property developer.

Our first point of difference, is that everything we do has a focus on partnership.  It's one of our core values, and our message of partnership can even be seen within our logo.  


While BPG stands for Bayswater Property Group, the B also stands for our BUSINESS, the P represents our property PARTNERS and the G stands for GROWTH.  With the letters intertwined, it's about growth and success for us both.

Since 1998 George Katrib, founder of BPG, has been driving and shaping the organisation into a leading, innovative and solution-based provider within the property industry.


We develop successful and long-standing relationships with our property partners and investors, working to understand their requirements and objectives, providing optimal project solutions


Through our strategic investments arm, we constantly search out new and exciting opportunities to invest in.  Through our Joint Venture program, we seek to partner up with like-minded individuals who wish to join forces with a trusted property partner. 


We believe our commitment to excellence, innovation, honesty, integrity & partnership is what sets us apart from others in the property development sector.


Most importantly, we LOVE what we do, we have FUN doing it, and we achieve AMAZING results.  


If you're feeling our vibe, we'd love to connect with you to see how we might be able work together.